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Leicester City Council’s Energy Projects Team has already helped hundreds of businesses across Leicester and Leicestershire to increase their energy efficiency and reduce their energy costs under previous ERDF programmes.

Lestercast Limited

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Lestercast Limited is a precision investment casting manufacturer and offer bespoke components in a range of metals and specialist alloys for industrial and commercial applications.

Lestercast Limited has been working on increasing their energy efficiency and reducing their carbon emissions. These improvements include: installing double glazed windows, installing LED lighting panels in some workshop areas, using a water based binder instead of an ethyl silicate binder and ammonia, and using metals that can be melted down and reused.

The majority of the lighting at Lestercast Limited was fluorescent lighting that was installed over 10 years ago. Improving the lighting became the next energy efficiency project for Lestercast Limited and this is when they contacted Green BELLE.

Lestercast Limited applied to Green BELLE to replace all of their non-LED lighting with LED lighting, and were awarded the maximum Green BELLE grant amount of £10,000*.

The lighting project included replacing their existing 1200mm x 600mm fluorescent tube light panels with 217 600mm x 600mm LED panels. Other LED lighting installed included LED battens and LED floodlights.

The LED lighting is predicted to reduce Lestercast Limited’s electricity usage by 77% and 52.8 tCO2e in the first 12 months and will provide continued savings thereafter.

As Lestercast Limited is a precision investment casting manufacturer, the new LED lighting has also improved the light quality, prevented shadowing and therefore improved the working environment for employees.

Lestercast are very pleased and delighted with the transformation LED lighting has brought to all areas of our production facility. This change has been long overdue, and with the help and guidance from Green BELLE Lestercast were able to secure a £10,000* grant towards achieving this. Our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint, and with the changes and continued improvements made over the last few years, we are certainly heading in the right direction.

– Lestercast Limited

Before Installation - Lestercast Limited

Lighting before Green BELLE LED installation at Lestercast Limited

LED Lighting - Lestercast Limited

LED lighting installed at Lestercast Limited











*N.B. the maximum Green BELLE grant amount is now £7,000.

Green BELLE is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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