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Leicester City Council’s Energy Projects Team has already helped hundreds of businesses across Leicester and Leicestershire to increase their energy efficiency and reduce their energy costs under previous ERDF programmes.

Fashion UK

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Fashion UK

Fashion UK is a Leicester based fashion merchandiser for organisations nationally and internationally, situated on St George’s Way, Leicester. Fashion UK contacted the Green BELLE team about the possibility of improving the energy efficiency of their business and reducing their carbon footprint.

A site visit was arranged, which found that the old single glazed windows were causing the office area to be cold and draughty. The staff used individual fan heaters to keep warm as well as having air conditioning and the central heating system.

Before and AfterFashion UK was successfully awarded a £10,000* grant towards the supply and installation of double glazed windows. ‘A’ rated double glazed windows are much more effective at reducing heat loss from the property, thus reducing the heating bill.

“Fashion UK are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. The grant from Green BELLE has allowed us to reduce our emissions and save money through a reduction in our heating costs. This is good for the environment, good for our staff and good for business!”

– Paul Desborough, Chief of Operations, Fashion UK

After installation Fashion UK contacted the Green BELLE team to express just how much of an impact the windows have had. So far Fashion UK has been able to remove all the individual fan heaters, 26 in total, as the heat retention has improved so staff had requested that they were removed. It is estimated that by removing the electric fan heaters Fashion UK will save annually around 28,080 kWh in electricity consumption leading to a saving of around 11 tCO2 (based on a 1.5kW fan heater being on for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week).

There has also been a noticeable reduction in the noise pollution from outside, which has drastically improved the staff’s comfort in the office. It has also been noted that the office is now a lot lighter, therefore lights are being turned off thus reducing energy usage further. On top of this, the air conditioning has not been turned on to heat or cool the property.

It has been estimated that Fashion UK will save between 18% and 26% on their heating costs. If you take into account the removal of individual fan heaters and not having to use the air conditioning units, this saving is likely to drastically increase. Fashion UK are expecting to have a large reduction on their electricity costs, as well as their gas costs.


Window Before and After

*N.B. the maximum Green BELLE grant amount is now £7,000.

Green BELLE is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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