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Leicester City Council’s Energy Projects Team has already helped hundreds of businesses across Leicester and Leicestershire to increase their energy efficiency and reduce their energy costs under previous ERDF programmes.

Case Studies

To see how your business could benefit from our support, have a look at the case studies below. A number of other businesses that we have worked with have also provided testimonials on previous grant programmes run by the Leicester Energy Agency.

  • Lestercast

    Lestercast Limited

    Lestercast Limited is a precision investment casting manufacturer and offer bespoke components in a range of metals and specialist alloys for industrial and commercial applications.

    Lestercast Limited
  • LED Lighting at Bakers Waste Services

    Bakers Waste Services

    Bakers Waste Services is a waste management provider, offering an extensive range of waste management solutions to over 5000 companies based in Leicestershire and the wider East Midlands.

    Bakers Waste Services
  • Fashion UK

    Fashion UK

    Fashion UK applied for a Green BELLE grant to replace their old single glazed windows, to reduce the cost of heating their offices.

    Fashion UK
  • Sapcote Cover

    Sapcote Engineering Limited

    Sapcote Engineering applied to Green BELLE to increase the efficiency of the lighting and heating in their factory.

    Sapcote Engineering Limited

It has been extremely helpful for us to achieve a higher and more efficient renovation of our building. Nicola (our officer) was a pleasure to deal with, she couldn’t have been more helpful!


Thanks to Green BELLE, it enabled us to consider energy efficiency measures within our building which we perhaps would not have been able to install otherwise due to cost reasons. This will allow us to ensure that our energy usage is low, the building is efficient to run and we are in turn lowering our impact on the environment. Delighted!


Extremely easy process from beginning to end. Nicola explained the process throughout and was very helpful. Overall great service provided.


I would like to thank Aidan Davis for his diligence and attention to detail throughout the whole process; the grant has enabled the business to make substantial economic and green savings.


Excellent, made the project feasible.


Our Project Officer Aidan was most helpful and always answered our queries promptly. The information on the grant application was very thorough and allowed us to easily fill it in. The process itself was pretty stress free and was largely managed in house with selected contractors who performed the upgrades to a high specification.


Nicola at Green BELLE made the process very easy. From the site visit, to explaining the application forms, she was very helpful and answered all queries quickly. Very happy with their help, and with the new LED light installation.


Green BELLE has been vital in the transformation of my small hotel from a one size fits all central heating system to bespoke guest controllable in room units which can also be operated and monitored on line. I anticipate significant energy savings and positive business impact which could not have been achieved without the Green BELLE funding.

Abinger Guest House

A great and valuable boost for small business, very much appreciated thank you.


Very happy with the speed and ease of grant funding.


I would say most business owners could make savings with their use of energy but the costs of ‘change’ and the timescales involved often outweigh the process. I can certainly recommend that any business owner should make the call to Green BELLE and see for themselves how much they can both improve and save on their energy use. I did, and underwent a very smooth LED lighting project.


Thomson Hayes were very happy with the ease and efficiency of the whole application process from start to finish.

Thomson Hayes Retail Display Ltd

Nicola Holt was wonderful in assisting us to complete our application. Always very friendly and happy to help. Thank you so much. We are a lot greener now.


I was pleasantly surprised that I was so well guided through the process by Green BELLE who made the whole process as simple as you could ask for.


Working with the Green BELLE grant scheme was quick and seamless and allowed us to make improvements to our building which forms part our objectives to reduce environmental impact on site. In addition, we will see the cost savings benefit from improved energy performance.

Bakers Waste Services Ltd

Fashion UK are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. The grant from Green BELLE has allowed us to reduce our emissions and save money through a reduction in our heating costs. This is good for the environment, good for our staff and good for business!

Fashion UK

I thought that Aidan managed the whole process brilliantly. The Green BELLE grant enabled us to replace boilers that were over 40 years old with modern replacements which are already leading to lower gas bills.

Barkby Properties Limited
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