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Midland Ventilation Supplies Ltd

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Date of Installation: March 1, 2015

With regard to the process that we went through concerning our energy reduction enquiry to the Leicester City Council, the site visit was made in a prompt and efficient manner both from the Council and the manufacturer selected, (concerning the layout). We were able to remove certain light fittings that were initially installed many years ago that quite simply were not required and, after consultation, replace with fewer low output fittings without any reduction of working light. Accordingly, our costs have been reduced considerably, and the payback in comparison against the original lights and the expenditure has been achieved within a matter of months. The quality of the lights cannot be questioned as per the copy photographs.

David HarveyMidland Ventilation Supplies Ltd

Midland Ventilation Supplies Ltd is a ventilation and air conditioning distributors, located at Troon Industrial Estate. They are merchants of ventilation supplies to other businesses nationwide.

Midland Ventilation Supplies contacted Nicola Holt about the Carbon Management for Leicester SMEs grant, to enable them to upgrade their lighting. Midland Ventilation Supplies were eager to reduce their electricity usage and cost.

The lighting in use was eight-foot and six-foot T12 fluorescent tube lighting. This type of lighting is inefficient and is therefore being phased out.

£1,000 was awarded to Midland Ventilation Supplies, for the supply and installation of high frequency T5 fluorescent tube lighting. High frequency T5 fluorescent lighting is more efficient and therefore reduces lighting costs, and provides a brighter light.

The lighting survey determined that fewer lights were needed, for the same required lighting level.

The new lighting will result in an estimated annual saving of £2,900, with estimated net savings over the next seven years totalling £17,374. This is a considerable saving to the business.

Photo of lightingPhoto of lighting